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we are the future of Drinking Water! We offer options to best suit your office and employees - from small to large, we've got it all!
Most other water coolers Come up Short! We use a 9 stage purification process that is far beyond other competitors! We remove all metals, arsenic, pharmaceuticals, lead, mercury and 99.9% of bacteria. Only pure water can pass through the .0001 micron membrane.

Hydrate your home or office today!Our expert specialists will provide a custom package that meets your neeeds and budget

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Office Water Coolers and Ice Machines for Salt Lake City

Hydrate Your Office: The Future of Drinking Water!

We offer a range of water cooler and ice machine options to suit a variety of needs, and we will help you choose the equipment that will best suit your office and employees. From large to small, we've got it all!

Most other water coolers come up short!

Our office coolers and ice machines employ a nine-stage purification process that cleans the water for your office far beyond the capabilities of our competitors' equipment! Only pure water can pass through the .0001-micron membrane, so our equipment filters all the impurities from your drinking water before serving it to remove all metals, arsenic, pharmaceuticals, lead, mercury, and other contaminants from your company's drinking water—as well as 99.9% of bacteria.

Hydrate Your Office for Better Health, Increased Productivity, and Improved Quality of Life

Our array of Wellsys systems includes products to fit a variety of needs and applications in diverse workplaces. Each water purification system is equipped with LG technology and employ a nine-stage purification process. This innovative technology not only eliminates contaminates through a state-of-the art reverse osmosis or ultrafine purification process, but it also restores nutrients to the water that enhance your body's ability to hydrate. This revolutionary filtration process sanitizes every last drop of water that passes through it.

The purification process balances the water's PH levels by adding alkalinity, provides a supplemental nutrient boost, and even adds immunity detoxification to protect your employees' health. The result is cleaner, healthier, better-tasting water that increases workplace efficiency by providing your workers with proper hydration. The Wellsys water systems' state-of-the-art design and purification technology provide you with the most interior-friendly water cleansing and dispensing system, for the best-tasting, purest drinking water available.

Office Water Cooler Options

All of our office water coolers for sale in Salt Lake City use the same advanced filtration and purification technology. The difference is their capacity, and that some have built-in ice machines. You'll choose the right one for your office based on the machine's capacity and the size of your staff.

The Elite

The Elite series are premium water coolers for offices in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. They replace plastic bottle coolers and the work that comes with refilling them with water on tap that is far more clean and healthy after our nine-stage filtration removes toxins, balances the pH, and adds nutrients to boost the water's wellness factor.

The Glacier

Our mid-size office wellness water cooler and ice system is called The Glacier. This water cooler is designed to provide fresh, clean water for offices with up to 30 employees. Like all of our water coolers, The Glacier employs our exclusive purification and filtration process to clean the water you drink to its purest form. This water cooler's features include refined touch-sensor controls, speedy water replenishment, hot and cold water tanks and pure ice dispenser for water with a clean, fresh taste.

The Avalanche

The Avalanche is our largest-size office wellness water and ice machine for offices Salt Lake City and beyond. This water cooler has an ice capacity that supplies the purest ice for offices with up to 50 employees. Of course, it includes our exclusive purification and filtration technology, with two water tanks and ice tank that refill quickly. This machine’s elegant style, contemporary design, and simple-to-use controls make it the perfect choice for your office's hot and cold drinking water supply and pure ice cubes.

To learn more about our water coolers for offices in Salt Lake City and the surrounding valley, give us a call today. We will discuss your specific needs and find the right water cooler and ice machine for you and your employees.

Here's to your health!

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